Metal Shingle Roof Installation

Metal Roof Shingles

Metal Roof Shingles Consist of Overlaid Panels That Mimic the Appearance of Other Materials.

As a roofing material, metal provides a great range of benefits. Highly durable and long-lived, the average metal roof will last for 40 to 50 years with minimal maintenance. When you need repairs, the process is quite simple, and generally involves just the replacement of the damaged panel. Naturally reflective, metal roofing, including metal roof shingles, increases the overall energy efficiency of its structure. The resilience of the material also allows it to withstand hail damage and high winds.

At ECO Commercial, we’re the local experts for metal roofing. Once employed almost exclusively on farms and for commercial structures, residential metal roofing has become a popular material. If you want the benefits of metal, but do not appreciate the appearance of panels, you actually have a couple different choices. Metal roof shingles, a popular roofing option, can mimic the appearance of tile and traditional shingles. To learn more about metal roof shingles in Tyler, TX, simply give (877) 406-7663 a call today.

Why Pick Metal Roof Shingles?

Metal Roof Shingles

Metal Shingles Can Emulate a Wide Variety of Materials, Including Slate and Wood.

There are several benefits to installing metal roofing, including higher energy efficiency, longevity, and premier durability. One of the prominent styles of metal roofing is metal roof shingles, as they give a contemporary look to classic roofing styles. Homeowners have the option to select a metal shake roof over wood shake shingles for the same aesthetic, but with more durability. The installation of these two roofing systems costs about the same, but metal shingles are fire resistant and require very little upkeep.

ECO Commercial has a range of additional metal shingle options, including slate metal roofing and metal roofing tiles. Slate metal roofing is a lightweight, less expensive option for residents who want the look of a slate roof. Whatever type of metal roofing shingles you would like to have on your home, our roofing staff is here to assist you.

Comprehensive Metal Roofing Installation and Repair

If you are interested in upgrading to metal roof shingles in Tyler, TX, or would like to request a quote, give us a call right away at (877) 406-7663. If you have inquiries, we are available to answer them, and can also help you choose your metal roofing from the wide variety of options we have available. Regardless of your need, ECO Commercial is always ready to offer you the highest level roofing experience.