Affordable Chimney Repair Service

Chimney Repair

In the Absence of Chimney Repair, Yours Can Quickly Become a Fire Hazard.

At your house, does the chimney get used frequently, or do you occasionally forget you even have one? Chimney inspections should always be part of your annual roofing inspection, regardless of how often you turn it on. A dilapidated chimney is a hazard to your house, as well as a danger to your home’s inhabitants. A damaged chimney can potentially collapse, or even start a fire. If your home requires chimney repair in Tyler, TX, ECO Commercial is here to help. To ask for a quote, or to schedule an inspection time, call us at (877) 406-7663.

Affordable Chimney Inspection And Cleaning

Chimney Repair

We Offer Affordable, Thorough, and Dependable Chimney Services.

In regards to assessing or cleaning a chimney, it’s best to delegate this difficult task to trained experts. That’s why we provide fast and affordable chimney cleaning and assessment services to our clients. Our specialists are extremely detailed during chimney inspections, and will alert you to any of the typical indications of damage. Among the common types of problems we see in chimneys are falling flue tiles, dented crown installations, and crumbling mortar.

If your chimney is at risk of collapsing, crumbling mortar is likely the cause, and should be repaired immediately. Flue tiles inside older chimneys sometimes fall, so if you see one, order immediate repair, or your chimney will become a fire hazard. If the wallpaper or sheet rock near your fireplace is displaying signs of damage, it could be due to a crack in the crown, which is meant to keep rainwater outside of the chimney.

Professional Chimney Repair

Chimneys can be extremely dangerous when damaged, and create fires or collapse, so it’s of the utmost importance that you have yours fixed at the first indication of trouble. Call (877) 406-7663 now to talk to any of our repair experts and schedule your appointment for chimney repair in Tyler, TX.

Our team has been in the industry for a long time, so we’re glad to help you with all of your roofing needs, even beyond chimney inspection and cleaning. All you need to do is reach out to our crew, and we will take all of the stress out of owning a fireplace!