Architectural Shingle Services

Architectural Shingles

Architectural Shingles Offer High Durability and a Traditionally Attractive Appearance.

A great advancement for modern roofing systems appeared with the invention of architectural shingles, which are also known as composite or laminate shingles. The many benefits of these shingles, which remain completely distinct from typical asphalt shingles, include improved design potential and heightened durability. ECO Commercial heartily advocates for composite shingles as an ideal answer for just about any need for new residential roofing. We provide ideal installation services for architectural shingles, which gain a good deal from our work.

If you want true efficiency in a roof material, you need to give intense consideration to composite shingles. Held up to standard shingles, the architectural variety additionally has heightened durability. Call our team now at (877) 406-7663 to make inquiries or set up service of architectural shingles in Tyler, TX.

Why You Should Think About Architectural Shingles

Architectural Shingles

A Multitude of Design Possibilities Exist with Composite Shingles.

Residences and property owners alike receive an impressive number of advantages from architectural shingle roofs. A roofing selection through ECO Commercial assures that a structure owner knows all the positive attributes of their choice. Should you go with an architectural shingle roof, you can expect the subsequent points of profit for your home.

Cost: Architectural shingles are a cheaper option among upscale roofing materials that include cedar shake and slate. The increased hardiness of these shingles makes them a reasonable choice as compared to less expensive asphalt shingles. With fewer service demands or need for replacement, an architectural shingle roofing system will offset its added expense across the years.

Durability: Just one layer of material affixed to the roof decking represents the nature of an average shingle roof. Architectural shingle roofs protect a home with several levels of durable, refined material. Should you dwell in an area vulnerable to windstorms, you can take comfort in architectural shingles’ rating of up to 120 mph.

Appearance: With a 3D style that can emulate cedar shake or slate, these shingles additionally come in a large selection of designs and colors to complement the appearance of your house. An architectural shingle roofing system also has fewer service requirements than typical choices.

Set Up Installation Right Away

As you select a new roof, your choice in materials possesses a substantial influence on the expense of application. As you think about which roof selection to go with, consider that the improved longevity of architectural shingles offsets the increased expense of application. We’re ready whenever at (877) 406-7663 to explain more about these shingles and their benefits. ECO Commercial sets the bar for the service of composite shingles in Tyler, TX.