Synthetic Shingles Installation & Repair

Synthetic Shingles

Synthetic Shingles Come in a Wide Array of Colors and Styles.

When shopping for roofing materials, you might quickly feel overwhelmed from the sheer number of choices. At ECO Commercial, we encourage clarity in our dealings, and work to keep clients knowledgeable about the ideal choice for their homes. Synthetic shingles supply a great deal of benefits for a roof. If you are looking for a roof with luxury charm at an attractive price point, then synthetic shingles can do well.

ECO Commercial is the source to trust for roofing in Tyler, TX. Should you resolve to get synthetic shingles, you can depend on masterful installation from our superior roofers. When one thinks about roofing, long-lasting durability relies a lot on the manner in which it was installed. There’s no reason to concern yourself in regards to the caliber of installation when you contract our exceptional team. Homeowners who want synthetic shingles in Tyler, TX should reach out to the area experts at (877) 406-7663.

The Benefits of Synthetic Shingles

Synthetic Shingles

A Synthetic Roof Is Lightweight, Durable, and Affordable.

Made to appear like wood, slate, or ceramic, synthetic roofing provides a handsome, economically priced choice. Impressive strength and a lower price supply two premier advantages of synthetic roofing when contrasted to these luxury materials. The premier weather resistance of synthetic shingles additionally saves homeowners a great deal on service over the life of the roofing system. As if these factors were not sufficient, synthetic roofing has even more beneficial qualities.

Style and Appearance: For property owners who desire an appealing look for the house, synthetic roofing appears as an exact equivalent once installed on the roof. To further distinguish your roof, you can choose from an assortment of colors and designs, like rounded, chiseled-tip, or standard squared-cut shingles.

Lightweight: With synthetic shingles, you never have to address the load problems identified with ceramic and slate options. In fact, tile and slate shingles create the need for special support for selected homes, while others simply can’t support them. You do not have to concern yourself about any of these issues with synthetic roofing. The light amount of weight also permits a faster installation.

Durability: If resilience counts as one of your chief considerations, then you can’t go wrong with synthetic shingles. Manufactured to persist through the decades, these shingles are usually constructed from crushed slate and rubber, with steel added to the equation for reinforcement. Many years of service won’t affect the visual appeal of synthetics, and owners will avoid persistent outlays for service.

Types of Synthetic Shingles

At ECO Commercial, we provide service for synthetic shingles with the appearance of three types of material: slate, tile, and wood.

  • Synthetic Slate Shingles These shingles can mimic the appearance of stone and slate materials. The light weight of synthetics also places less of a burden on a home.
  • Synthetic Tile Shingles Any home can acquire some verve from our synthetic tile shingles. Synthetics possess added fortitude when compared to tile.
  • Synthetic Wood Shingles Wood roofs are beautiful, but require frequent upkeep. For all the charm, but none of the hassle, choose synthetic.

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