Fascia and Soffit Repair and Installation

Soffit Repair

Soffit Repair Helps Ensure that Your Attic Receives Proper Ventilation.

Unless you’re a roofing professional, terms like soffit and fascia may not be very familiar. It can be easier to make effective decisions about your roof when you have the necessary information, however, and the team at ECO Commercial is here to give you just that. A roof system consists of many components, all of which are important for its overall condition. Fascia and soffit are important in that they provide a valuable service to your roof, and also affect the overall appearance of your home. To protect their functionality and your home’s appearance, make sure to not neglect fascia and soffit repair needs.

The fascia is the main point of attachment for your gutter system, and you can find it lining the perimeter of your roof. You can find the soffit bridging the roof line and the siding. Soffit is necessary to maintain proper attic ventilation, while fascia protects your home from water damage and provides a smooth, finished look to the roof. Both are vital to the health of your roofing system, so if you find yourself in need of fascia and soffit repair in Tyler, TX, give us a call today at (877) 406-7663 to get started!

Signs for Fascia and Soffit Repair

Soffit Repair

Fascia Protects Your Rafters and the Underside of Your Roof.

You can ensure that your roofing system remains in great condition with annual maintenance checks. Luckily, your fascia and soffit are simple to review on your own every few months. Take a walk along the perimeter of your property, and check to see if there are any nests or spots that may be sagging or broken. Immediately getting rid of any debris and keeping your gutters clean will help to prevent any fascia rotting. If your fascia appears faded, a fresh coat of paint stands as a valuable maintenance treatment.

Your soffit helps ensure the proper temperature of your attic. Without its ventilation, the attic can become more humid. This situation will not only affect the climate of the rest of your home, but also provide the necessary environment for the growth of mold. When it comes to your soffit, an upsurge in your cooling and heating bill, or any moisture in the attic, appear as red flags.

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