Roof Insurance Claims

Roof Insurance Claim

We Help Our Clients Through Every Step of a Roof Insurance Claim.

Do you live in Tyler, TX and are looking for roof insurance claim help? You are able to depend on our roofers! Homeowners and commercial property owners recognize that one of the most overwhelming components of owning your own property is having to file a roof damage insurance claim through a insurance company. While the insurance company is there to assist you, the process of filling out and what destruction is most worrisome is an extremely difficult situation. Hailstones and wind damage that has affected your roofing system can become worse if not handled, but many people don't want to cope with filing a claim. Don't allow roof damages get in your way of submitting a roof insurance claim, because at ECO Commercial we are ready to help all clients with our roof damage insurance claims assistance service.

We supply our customers with roofing inspection services that is able to evaluate what damages your roofing has. When our roofers have assessed your roof for damage and performed a total roof examination, we will look over roof options with customers. On top of providing roof examinations to our clients, we also guide them on the roof damage insurance claims filing and if there is sufficient damage to file. Insurance companies will require any of the appropriate documentation in order to submit the claim, so you can give them a copy of our damage report for your records. If you want roof repairs or replacements for your roofing, our licensed roofers can have your roofing system in great or nicer shape than before. Contact our roofers today at (833) 200-0571 to schedule an inspection and appointment for roof damage insurance claims service.

Your Roof Insurance Claim Process

Roof Insurance Claim

We Can Perform an Inspection to Supplement that Performed By the Adjuster.

Having a roofing inspection completed by a roofing company before you file roof damage insurance claims can be very valuable during the claims process. An adjuster inspection must occur when you file, so when you first contact your insurance company, you will schedule the best date. All needed repairs are noted in a report from your roof  insurance claim adjuster. The statement from your roofing contractor will assist you when dealing with the adjuster, giving paperwork for filing and allowing you to know of all current damage so you can work with the insurance company.

Your filing documentation for the insurance adjuster can include the roofing system inspection summary and the contact information of the roofing company. For more visual evidence, include before-and-after pictures of your roof for assessment. When completed, your adjuster will use their evaluation and create a damage report that is sent to you. They will also post a first check for your replacement. This may be followed up later or post-roof replacement once they get an invoice.

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When you have a roof insurance claim, the roofing contractors at ECO Commercial are the experts to call. We will help you through every part of the process, from primary inspection to roofing repair or replacement. Your roof system specifications are met by our roofers as they keep you briefed through every step of the roofing process. Call (833) 200-0571 for ECO Commercial to begin on your roof insurance claim in Tyler, TX or the surrounding area today.